7 family members we all have as Facebook friends


Now that Facebook is the best thing since sliced bread, everyone's getting in on the action. It's a great way to keep in contact with people but we have to admit, there are some family members and as much as we love them, we do wish we could send their friend requests into cyberspace and out of our personal space.

1. The person who leaves forty x's after everything
"So proud xxxxxxxxxxx" "Mum, I'm upstairs, just tell me in person." 

2. The one who gets more likes on their comment than you did on the original status
Probably your dad with some witty, sarcastic remark. Good one Dad.

3. The ones who bring photo's of you and your friends from 2009 back onto people's news feeds
"Lovely photo!" Thanks, you're not the first person to appreciate my braces, middle parting, bebo stunnah pose and excess chin flab.

4. The "You look so grown up xx" person
Uh sorry but, have we met?

5. The "Oooh, is this your boyfriend?" on pictures from a night out person
Well that was the plan, but it's definitely not going to happen now. 

6. The "Tell your dad I…" person
Tell him yourself, us younger folk are only here for the odd creep. 

7. People who comment on a wall post from your crush
Excuse me, we're trying to fall in love here, please take your morto comments elsewhere.