6 unrealistic things Sex and the City taught us about love


It’s true that Sex and the City taught us a lot about life and love.

However, not all of it was beneficial. Sure, we didn’t need sex ed growing up because it taught us all we need to know, but we have been left with some seriously unrealistic expectations when it comes to the love game…

Here are just a few of the unrealistic things Sex and the City has taught us to expect in love:

If you blatantly cheat, your love will still be there waiting for you
And years later, you’ll STILL break up with him…damn it Samantha

The biggest douche in your love life will turn out to be the love of your life
We bloody well hope not

AND he’ll follow you to Paris to proclaim his love
Ahahaha, is that a joke? He still asks for petrol money

Getting dumped is definitely a good enough excuse to get yourself arrested
We know it was a Post-It but it’s not going to work, Carrie

You will meet ‘The One who got away’ years later and realise the douche really is the one for you

If it's true love, he will build you the wardrobe of your dreams
Just be lucky he turns up to the wedding, ya?

Men will just arrive outside your door in limos waiting to take you anywhere you like
Still waiting. They're probably stuck in traffic.