6 things we’re appreciating this January

January is a loooong month. Maybe not technically…but it sure feels like it, doesn’t it?! So, instead of listing all of the things we can’t wait to see the back of in February, like dark mornings and Christmas weight, we looked at some of the things we'll miss from January! 

1. Hot water bottles
The season of hot water bottle is almost coming to an end, so snuggle up and enjoy while you can!

2. Starbucks winter flavours
The red cups will soon be a thing of the past so it’s time to grab that double chocolate peppermint mocha hot chocolate with whipped cream before they disappear till next year!

3. Winter coats
Soon we’ll have to go shopping for a light jacket for spring time and that fur-trimmed hood will be packed away until October, sob!

4. Christmas jumpers
Some may argue the Christmas jumper season is well over, but we reckon as long as it doesn’t have Rudolph on the front it’s fair game for another few weeks.

5. Cadbury’s Roses and other Christmas-time treats
It’s that time of the year when everyone clears the junk food out of their homes…and into their offices. So, yes. We are still eating Roses if you must know.

6. Being organised
The New Year makes us organise our lives perfectly (until February). Armed with new diaries and fresh pens, we feel we can take over the world, one list at a time.