6 things all student teachers have to endure


Whether you’re in Mary I, St. Pats, Marino, or any other form of “teacher training” college, you know that we as the future educators of our nation’s youth have a variety of problems that others just don’t understand. From placement to assignments, we’re subjected to a variety of problems that you just won’t find anywhere else. So here is just a sample of the many student teacher problems faced every year:

1. The subjects


Upon entering college as freshers, students are expecting to be challenged in terms of learning and amounts of alcohol consumed and while it’s safe to say the latter is most definitely true, the subjects studied can sometimes leave a lot to be desired for.

2. The stale jokes


“Teaching? I suppose you’re only in it for the holidays!” Every. Time.

3. Spotting pupils in public


Don’t make eye contact, don’t make eye contact…Damn. Queue awkward wave.

4. Studying for exams


Nothing is quite like a group of student teachers studying for upcoming exams. Tensions run high, people break down and you begin to convince yourself that primary school Irish has definitely gotten harder.

5. Explaining the course to your friends


There is nothing quite like the look on your friends faces when you explain you can’t go out because you have to make a powerpoint based on two websites for kids. There is little joy in having to explain your course to your friends simply because they will refuse to believe that what you do is tough, which makes the fact you barely passed a module even worse.

6. Placement

britney-confused - Copy

This is what every student teacher looks forward to. THIS is why you wanted to do teaching right? To stand up at the top of the class and see students learning material for the first time. You taught them this, they’d be nothing without your charts and materials and worksheets.

What nobody tells you is that those charts, materials and worksheets take time. Spending 4+ hours preparing materials for the following day became a reoccurring ritual and the sound of a printer churning out worksheet after worksheets can make even the sanest person begin shouting nonsensical abuse at the machine.

Lord help you if you run out of ink or laminator sheets after the shops close.

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