5 very good excuses to eat chocolate

We usually tend to feel guilty after spending an evening munching on endless chocolate bars, but now you don't need to. Chocolate does have it's benefits, so here's 5 very good reasons to keep eating it.

1. It relieves stress.
You may have noticed that anyway, but it's also been scientifically proven. The perfect way to end a bad day.

2. Number skills
Apparently the flavonoids in chocolate help people with their number skills. Pretty handy to calculate how many bars you can eat in one day.

3. It's good for your heart
Eating a small amount of chocolate could help reduce the risk of heart disease. We know, we hated the word "small" in that sentence too…

4. It can protect your skin from sunburn
All thanks to those flavonoids again, we love those little guys. People who have more of them are more protected from UV rays.

5. It's good for your bones
Like any dairy product, milk chocolate is a good source of calcium, more so than cocoa-rich dark chocolate.