5 tips on how to protect your eyelashes from damage


Keeping your eyelashes primed and protected will go a long way in ensuring they stay full and healthy for a long time.

Don’t wear mascara every day
For some this is a pretty big deal. But those days when you are just lazing about the house don’t wear it. Give yourself a day off or even a few hours off and your lashes will thank you for it.

Take mascara off every night
If you are waking in the morning with mascara gunk on your eye it means you didn’t take it off properly the night before. Invest in a good eye make-up remover and make sure it is off before you go to bed at night.

Be gentle
When using curlers or a mascara wand, go gently. While it may take a little longer to get your desired look, your lashes will be the better for it.

Clean hands
Make sure your hands are clean before you put them anywhere near your face. Eye infections are not nice and some can even cause your eyelashes to fall out.

Give them nutrients
Use mascara that contains Vitamin E and other minerals. Lash serums are pretty good and help to stimulate lash growth.