5 thoughts girls have when they wear no make-up


Not wearing make-up shouldn't be a big deal, thousands of women do it every day – so can we!

That doesn't mean it's always easy though *sob*

Here are the thoughts we have on those days we decide to go make-up free:

1. "Ugh, I should probably get up and put on some make-up…zzzz"

2. "Oh crap – I slept in! Ah, feck it, I'm confident enough to go bare faced. I am a naturally beautiful woman – you hear me world?!"

3. "See, this isn't so bad…oh my God, is that?! It is! Quick turn around he didn't see you, he didn't see you!"

4. "That guy on the LUAS is giving me really strange looks, does he think I look like an alien without mascara? I KNEW I looked weird with no mascara on. Dammit"

5. Girl in work: "Oh, are you ok? You look SO tired"

You: *Bursts into tears and runs into toilet*

Despite the ups and downs of the day, those extra few minutes in bed cannot and will not be underestimated. Zzzzzz….

Screw you make-up! You too, girl in work…