5 texts all girls never like to delete from their phones


We all have those messages on our phone that for whatever reason when we’re clearing our inboxes they manage to make the cut.

Here’s a list of 5 of the most common messages girls keep on their phones, no matter what!

1. Funny Messages From Your Bestfriend
Those weird conversations with your best friend that no one else would understand that just make you laugh every time you read back over them..

2. Messages That May Be Needed In The Future
These messages may be needed in the future as proof when someone denies saying something, you can whip out those messages as proof. Girls remember everything.

3. Cute Message From Your Granny
The fact she managed to send one successfully without sending it to the milkman by mistake is reason enough to keep it. She probably was wishing you good luck in your exams and telling you she lit a candle. It's also probably all in capital letters because she doesn’t know how to turn them off. She also signs her initials at the end – cute!

4. Messages From The Guy You Like
The sweet message from that one time 2 months ago when he wasn’t acting like a complete arse. 

5. Messages For Cheaplist/Guestlist For Your Favourite Nightclub
Who would be bothered signing up and sending invites to get guestlist to your favourite club every week when instead you could just keep the same message to show at the door every week

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