5 reasons why you should just break up with him already


It can be really, really hard to break up with someone. Unless you don’t have a conscience, a “welcome to dumpsville, population: you” text should do the trick.

But those of us with a heart often end up staying in relationships way longer than we should for fear of that gut-retching sound of a heart being broken in two.

Here’s why you really should just bite the bullet and break up with him already!

1. Because you’re a good person
OK so you’ll probably break his heart, but it’s kinder to just let him go. He may think you’re the love of his life, but if you’re not feeling it then he’d probably be way happier in the long-run with someone else. And she’ll probably simply adore his woeful taste in music and annoying bathroom habits…

2. You’ll probably cheat
If this guy isn’t floating your boat anymore, the chances are your eye may wonder over to someone who will. All it takes is a tiny spark and a few Martinis at a party for you to be tempted. That longing to connect with someone on your own level again is powerful stuff! Do you really want to be that girl?

3. The relief is sooooo worth it
Be honest with yourself – how many times have you ‘almost’ broken up with him only to chicken out at the last minute when he flashes his puppy-dog eyes. Being in a relationship half-heartedly is really bad for your stress levels, and the indecisiveness can be torturous. While you’ll naturally miss him for a while, the relief you’ll feel will be so worth the temporary icky feeling.

4. You can move on
Hallelujah! You can finally move on with your own life after ending the relationship that’s been making you miserable. Being with the wrong person means you’re cheating yourself out of real happiness and being with someone who makes you really happy!

5. Being single rocks!
If it’s the fear of being on your own after so long that is stopping you from dumping him, don’t be so scared! OK, your newly single status will take some adjusting to but the ‘OMG! RU OK Hon?!’ comments on Facebook will soon stop and you can make the most of it. There’s no better life motivation than a break-up and you’ll soon be gearing up to try all the things you didn’t do because you were snuggled up with the wrong guy on the sofa every weekend.