5 organisations you can support to help the people of Beirut


The explosion that rocked Beirut was an unbelievable tragedy. It has also come in the midst of a significant financial crisis in the city, a fall out from COVID-19.

Right now, the search for survivors is still ongoing. NGO’s and aid organisations are mobilising to help both victims and survivors, but they need help. So far, over 4,000 people have been injured and 137 people have been killed. The damage to buildings and homes has been colossal. Now is the time to help, if have the means to do so. Here are five organisations you can donate to help the victims of this horrible incident.

1. The Lebanese Red Cross

The Red Cross provides most of the ambulance services in Lebanon and at the moment, they do not have the funds to respond to over 20% of the calls they get, this issue is primarily due to finance so a donation here can literally be a lifesaver. They have also committed to using all the ambulances in other regions of Lebanon to help Beirut.


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2. The International Medical Corps

This organisation deploys medical care units, medical staff and medical supplies for both physical and psychological injuries. They send healthcare workers and medical supplies to help the local hospitals to cope and provide health services to refugees and impoverished people.


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3. Save the Children

Prior to this explosion, Save the Children published a study estimating that over 550,000 children in Lebanon did not have enough money to buy basics such as food. This is will only get worse under the current circumstances. Whole neighbourhoods have been destroyed and thousands of children are missing. Donating to Save the Children will help fund their people on the streets to aid in searches, rescues and the buying of goods and clothing for children in need. Please donate here.


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As we know, this organisation specialises in providing aid to children. They have a team on the ground, providing drinking water to rescue workers and counselling children who have been impacted by the explosion. They are also providing medical and vaccine supplies in Beirut. You can donate here.


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5. Impact Lebanon

This is a non-profit that is supporting organisations and groups on the ground and helping to share information about people who are still missing after the explosion. They have a crowdfunding campaign which you can donate to, here.


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