5 lipstick rules to live by


Lipstick is a beauty essential that can either make or break an outfit. However, if you stick with these rules you’ll always have the perfect pout.

Make sure you exfoliate your lips just like you would your skin. In circular movements, rub a soft toothbrush on your lips for a couple of minutes. Finish by applying a lip balm to moisturise.

Use primer
Primer is not just for under your foundation. In fact, by applying a little on your lips, you will help your lipstick stay in place a little longer.

When going for a lipliner, make sure it compliments your lipstick and is not too obvious.

Work your cupid’s bow
Right in the middle of your top lip is your cupid’s bow. After applying your lipstick, dab a little clear lip gloss on it or highlighter just above it.

Take it off
Never go to bed with your lipstick still on. It doesn’t help the delicate skin on your lips and your pillowcases will be better for it.