5 great fitness Instagram accounts to follow

Looking for some fitness and health inspiration on Instagram?

Then look no further – we've checked out five great fitness Instagram accounts you need to follow, like now. 

Have a peek and be ready for that motivation we all need sometimes!

1. Blogilates
Blogilates is the genius of Cassey Ho, possibly the world's cutest woman. Not only is her YouTube channel essential for those of us who can't afford a weekly Pilates class, her Instagram feed is brimming with healthy food ideas, fitness style and the most epic YOLO meals ever!

2. The Peanut Butter Girl
The Peanut Butter Girl is Tiffany Brien, a fitness and health fanatic from Belfast. Her Instagram feed is filled with amazing healthy snack and meal ideas as well as some serious style. Tiffany has even found a way to make Bounty bars healthy – what more could we ask for?!

3. Tone It Up
Tone It Up's Instagram page doesn't have over 300,000 followers for nothing! If you're looking for motivation, fitness ideas and healthy eating – this is the Instagram account you need in your feed. 

4. Deliciously Ella
Not a fitness Instagram per se – but they do say abs are made in the kitchen! This Instagram feed is full of colourful, tasty and super healthy meal ideas. Did we mention how pretty it is?!

5. Clean and Lean
Clean and Lean is the brainchild of Bodyism's James Duignan, personal trainer to stars such as Rosie Huntington-Whitely, Elle McPherson and, er, Hugh Grant! The Clean and Lean Instagram is perfect for that inspirational pick-me-up you need to get your butt moving as well as lots of great food ideas and beautiful pictures – which is what Instagram is all about after all!