5 drinks worse for your waistline than a chocolate brownie

Solid snacks mightn’t be the only reason your new dress didn’t fit any more!

If you thought dessert was bad for your waistline, just wait until you read about these five drinks that have more hidden calories than a large brownie at 230 calories.

1. Orange Juice
This brunch staple has about 258 calories in each 400g serving. We might pass on mimosas this weekend!

2. Cranberry Juice
This is a popular cocktail mix but even without alcohol, a 400g bottle of cranberry juice still contains about 260 calories.

3. Grape Juice
Around four glasses of grape juice comes out to about 270 calories. Way higher than you would have expected, right?

4. Chocolate Milk
Just two glasses of chocolate milk contains around 254 calories. But it tastes so good!

5. Dessert wine
Two glasses of sweet dessert wine pack about 320 calories. Maybe time to try another nightcap?