5 beauty beach bag essentials


Heading to the beach? Don’t forget to pack these much needed beauty essentials to ensure you always look your very best on the sand.

The must-have beauty essential doesn’t only protect your skin from burning, it also keeps lines and wrinkles at bay.

Tinted moisturiser
Leave your heavy foundation at home and instead pop a tinted moisturiser into your bag. Try to buy one with an SPF for extra protection.

Waterproof mascara
If you plan on cooling yourself down in the ocean, make sure you have waterproof mascara on. Don’t go for a colour that is too dark either, instead go for a dark brown that looks a little more natural for a beach setting.

Waterproof eyeliner
If you can’t bear to step outside without eyeliner on, make sure you bring a waterproof one to the beach. No one looks good with panda eyes.

Lip balm
The sand and sun can cause your lips to become quite dry so regularly apply a lip balm to keep them smooth. Your lips can also be forgotten about when it comes to suncream so get one with an SPF.