48 annoying things girls deal with regularly


We know that guys have their problems too (peeing with a boner seems to be the height of it to be honest) but there are so many things that can ruin a girl’s day. It’s a wonder we find time to smile at all quite frankly!

In the wise words of Beyonce: if I were a boy, I would never have to worry that I forgot to shave my legs. Yep, that’s pretty much how the song goes.


1. When your skirt gets caught in your knickers

enter image description here

2. When your heel breaks


3. When you’ve JUST put your tights on and this happens…

enter image description here

4. When your new shoes REALLY hurt and you’re  in total denial about it


5. When you seem to have forgotten how to walk in heels

enter image description here

6. When your ex suddenly texts you

enter image description here

7. When you drop your bag and all its contents fall out

enter image description here

8. When your tights are too big and the crotch just shimmies down your legs. You end up having to waddle

enter image description here

9. When you’ve got a wedgie but you just don’t know how to deal with it in public


10. When some joker thinks it’s hilarious to undo your bra


11. When mother nature strikes and you have NO supplies on you

enter image description here

12. When you act grumpy and some idiot says: you must be on your period

enter image description here

13. When you step outside with your freshly blow-dried hair and it starts to rain

enter image description here

14. Your make-up droops…

enter image description here

15. When you notice you’ve got mega VPL

enter image description here

But you’ve already left and there’s nothing you can do about it

enter image description here

16. When you’re just about to take your clothes off all sexily for that lucky person…

enter image description here

…and you realise you haven’t shaved

enter image description here

17. When you hastily put lipstick on in a club

enter image description here

Five hours later you realise you’ve been walking around looking like this…

enter image description here

18. When your stomach grumbles and it sounds like a fart

enter image description here

19. It’s definitely not a fart but HOW are you going to explain that?

enter image description here

20. When you’re on a packed bus, a seat FINALLY becomes free and some jerk who just got on steals it from you

enter image description here

21. When you realise your skirt is actually a lot shorter than you initially anticipated

enter image description here

22. You spend the WHOLE time worrying about it and tugging it down

enter image description here

23. When you’re period is late and your brain goes straight into assuming the worst

enter image description here

24. When cystitis comes a knockin’

enter image description here

25. When you go to the loo and you figure out far too late there’s no loo roll

enter image description here

26. When you take you ring off to wash your hands and you FORGET your ring

enter image description here

27. When you go home after a long day, really looking forward to that big bar of chocolate…

enter image description here


enter image description here

28. When you’ve already put shampoo in your hair and the hot water runs out 


29. When your hair and make up is perfect and you decide to put on liquid eyeliner and it just ruins everything


30. When you plan a trip away with your boyfriend and you get your period on the morning of departure…


31. …and when your boyfriend says ‘Oh well, at least you can still give blow jobs’


32. When you realise you completely misjudged your fake tan


33. When you get red wine on white jeans


34. When you think the hot guy is waving at you so you wave back, only to realise it’s not you he was waving at


35. When you try and do your ‘other’ hand with nail varnish and it looks like this


36. When you realise you forgot to put on deodorant


37. When you try to cut your own hair and it looks like this


38. When you shave your legs and cut yourself


39. When you decide to do your own bikini line and it itches 


40. When your period is late and you automatically assume you’re pregnant even though it’s fully impossible


41. When you have to get a smear test


42. When you feel drunk from your first glass of wine and you just know you’re going to be hammered in 20 minutes


43. When you’re talking to a hot guy and you get word vomit


44. When you get beard rash from whoever you’re kissing


45. When you have to do the post sex waddle to the toilet


46. When you’re wearing a jumpsuit or one piece and going to the bathroom is an absolute ordeal


47. When you get asked to help in the kitchen at family functions purely because you have a vagina


48. When you have to say goodbye to your favourite bra


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