3 reasons long-distance relationships are a good thing


Being in a long-distance relationship can be tough. Apart from the lonely nights and empty bed, you have to deal with living separate lives, different time zones and the cost of travel.

However, we don’t want you to be too downhearted so we’ve come up with some positives to cheer you up:

  • You don’t have to shave your legs on a regular basis. However, this is only acceptable if it is winter.
  • You can write them a love letter. There nothing more romantic then putting your feelings on paper – you can’t do this if they are sitting beside you.
  • You will actually appreciate the time you spend together when you get the chance. In fact, you probably won’t have time to argue as you reacquaint yourselves with each other… if you know what we mean.

If you can withstand thousands of miles apart and still stay strong, you will know you’re on to a good thing.