Can’t kid a kidder! 20 thoughts every girl has in a relationship

Apparently, us ladies are famed for constantly asking our other halves what they’re thinking.

While we’re not sure we’re quite as interested in their thoughts as we’re made out to be (unless it’s to do with dinner), we seem to have a rep for only dying to know what’s going on inside our boyfriend’s heads.

Do they have the same inclination? Probably not, and frankly we’re lucky because we’ve had some seriously whopper thoughts and random questions pop up when it comes to them, us and general…stuff.

Questions and thoughts WE don’t even want to have, frankly.

Here are just twenty (yes, just twenty) musings that have flitted into our head without warning and flitted back out when we talked some sense into ourselves.

1. Can I see him standing in the kitchen at 3am making a bottle?

What! Why did I just think that?

2. Will I be able to say the words ‘my husband’ without giggling?

Probably not.

3. Is he the last new person I will have sex with?

Woah. Hold up.

4. Does his surname suit me?

This is merely a curiosity.

5. Will our sons look like him and our daughters look like me?

Thank God, he’s gorgeous.

6. Has he EVER thought about our wedding?

STOP! YOU haven’t even thought about your wedding…much.

7. My God, his friend is seriously good-looking.

Damn, did I just cheat with my emotions?

8. Am I better in bed than his ex?

  You’re better than that THOUGHT, damn it!

9. Does he know how lucky he is?

Jeez, seriously?

10. Does he know I KNOW how lucky I am?

Yeah, he must do.

11. Will my dad kick up a fuss about having to wear a waistcoat at the wedding?

What?! What wedding!

12. Am I the kind of daughter-in-law his mum would want?

You’ve met her once and you forgot her name with nerves, so probably not.

13. I wonder what that friend of his is like in bed.

Yep, definitely emotionally cheated with that one.

14. Do his mates prefer me to his ex?

Have to, surely.

15. Will he be nervous before he proposes?

Where will it happen? Will I expect it?

16. Should I break up with him… for…just…you know… no reason.

Why? Why?

17. Wait, do I still fancy him?

Oh my God, that’s the meanest thing I’ve ever thought.

18. Are that couple jealous of us right now?

Ah here, get over yourself.

19. Why does he make that unfunny joke ALL the time?

It makes my teeth hurt.

20. I love that colour on him.

His wedding tie should be that colour.

If they only knew.