18 signs you grew up in the countryside


Ireland is full of amazing small towns and villages – here are the signs you grew up in the country (and proud!)

1. You Consider Roads Without Grass In The Middle To Be ‘Main Roads’

2. When Someone Beeps You Presume They Know You

3. Your Parents Secretly (Not That Secretly) Live In Fear Of You Bringing Home A Townie

4. You’re Related To Roughly 63% Of The Village

5.When You Don’t Know Someone At Mass Your Parents Get Extremely Insulted

6. Everyone Presumes You’re A Snob If You Dare To Live Elsewhere

7. People From Other Places Don’t Understand Your Accent A Lot Of The Time

8. Your Neighbours Were Either Actual Family Or May As Well Have Been

9. Going Back Home Is A Mammoth Task

10. You’ve Had The Same Friends Since Baby Infants

11. But They’re Still Not Quite Sure How To Get To Your House

12. You Moving To College Was A Terrifying Experience For Your Whole Family

13. You Have Zero Fear Of All Animals

14. You Had Many, Many Pets Growing Up (Including Lambs, Calves And Butterflies).

15. Your Parents Have Driven Up To Visit You Twice In Four Years, But You’re Expected To Hop Home To Them On A Weekly Basis

16. The Word ‘Bog’ Induces The Fear Of God Like Nothing Else

17. When Your City Friends See Pictures Of Where You Live They Basically Lose Their Lives (Because It's So Pretty!)

18. You Grew Up With People Constantly Coming And Going And Find An Empty House To Be A Little Bit Sad

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