13 things you will learn in your first long-term relationship


Being in a new relationship can be all kinds of weird and wonderful. If it's your first time being with someone for more than a few months, you will definitely find yourself learning some things you never knew! Like these: 

1. You will send an obscene amount of texts to your significant other


Whether it's just a kissy face emoji or a long essay on WHY you slammed the door on your way to work that morning (they should already know why), you will find that it amounts to hundreds if not thousands of messages a month. Scary. 

2. You’ll find that your attention span is much longer than you originally thought


They are expecting you to know what they do so you better learn what exactly that is. "Something to do with numbers, Excel and reports" just won't cut it anymore. 

3. Some of the best relationships happen with someone you would never have thought was your type

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Has it really been 8 months since you started going out with that guy you thought was a total numpty? Yes, and what's more is you love him!

4. Getting along with every single one of their friends is difficult


You should definitely try and get on with his friends, it's a big part of his life. However, you can't please all the people all the time – so just be your regular charming self and don't stress so much!

5. You’ll be their drunk minder at least once


But don't worry – at some stage you'll need the favour returned. 

6. Meeting the parents never gets any less awkward


They're so lovely and treat you very well – but they still know what you're up to and that will never change. 

7. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you become comfortable  in their company


Whip out the jammies, take the slap off and relax because if they here for good they may as well see you in your truest form now. 

8. Sometimes you hate them more than most people hate Adolf Hitler


Ultimate rage…

9. But most days you love them more than Prince Harry loves a good fancy dress party


True love…

10. You’ll compromise more than you thought you ever would


When you’re single, you play by your rules and your rules only. It’s your way or the high way. You can never imagine having to sit through a rom-com or a robot war film, but you’ll quickly realise that you must give a little, in order to receive a little, in any relationship. 

11. Time really does fly when you’re having fun


Everyone knows that couple who’ve been together for 9 years. Now, to the single person, a month of being with the same person seems like forever but honestly, when you’re with someone right, months can pass by in a flash and suddenly, it’s a year. 

12. Grooming at an obsessive level quickly takes a backseat


You've become a bit more laid back – no need to cover up that spot quite so much for date night. After all that will just prolong the damned thing. 

13. Commitment is easier than you’ve ever imagined


You've never been with someone for longer than two months before and now suddenly it's been a year – and you're not scared! In fact, you're kind of excited…!

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