11 things you learn growing up in Ireland

There are some things that can only be learnt from growing up on the island of Ireland. Such as these, for example:

1. Your boss will come into work hungover just as much as you do
It’s true. Never will you have a boss anywhere else in the world where they will arrive into work hungover just as much as yourself. It can be a good thing, but also a very bad thing.


2. Lots of Irish people leave and go to places like the USA, Canada or Australia
Emigration is in our history, and it hasn’t showed any signs of stopping any time soon. From the great Irish famine to the modern day. Is it simply because we like to travel or because the economy at home is gone to sh**? It’s a bit of both.


3. The Gardaí are actually a lenient brand of law enforcement
While you wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of the law, you release just how lucky you are to have the good ‘ole Gardaí when you travel and see all of the simply terrifying law enforcements around the world.


4. Every taxi man will bitch and moan about the Irish government
And everything else too, at 4am. Zzz…

Complaining5. NEVER will you ever have “just the one.”
Nope, it never happens that way.

Drunk Again

6.  We are the only people to say “bye” at least 10 times when hanging up the phone
“b-b-b-bye, bye, bye, bye…” Where did it come from? Why is it necessary to say goodbye this many times? Nobody knows, but it caught on and spread like wildfire.

Bye Bye Bye

7. Irish mothers are among the most worrisome in the world
They worry about everything from the clothes you are wearing to the food you’re eating. But we love them for it.


8. Old Irish men still wave to strangers in the street
Particularly in the more rural areas of the country, old men will wave at passing cars and nod to strangers in the street. Who doesn’t love a friendly old Irish man with a Paddy cap on his head and a wooden pipe in his mouth?


9. Ever Irish person freaks out and goes overboard when they see the sun
Sunburn! Sunburn galore! Every year it happens for a couple of weeks when the clouds disperse and the sun emerges, and EVERY year we learn the same lesson. Irish skin can’t hack the sun! We all end up looking like a baboon’s arse waddling around town in the summer.


10. A small country like Ireland can have a lot of different dialects!
How can a country so small have SO many different dialects?

ZcfqBkqCSoeGmTSftrgo_Confused Joey Friends

8. There are lots of different ways Irish people can say “no.”
“You’re alright,” “nah,” “you’re grand.” None of these actually make sense outside of Ireland so we have to remind ourselves to speak common English when we go on holidays or are conversing with someone from abroad.

confused_zpse11157399. GAA fever is a passion unmatched in any other sport
Nothing can prepare you for the atmosphere inside Croke Park on a cup final day!


10. The word “craic” can be mistaken for something else outside Ireland
“What’s the craic? … That’s shite craic.” Or simply, “any craic?” A phrase often used by the common Irish person. However, you must be careful if using it abroad as you may quickly find yourself being offered some narcotics… It only applies in Ireland!


11. Irish people are among the happiest in the world
It’s amazing how happy and upbeat Irish people can be when we have the worst weather for 9 months every year. We’ve been troubled with famine, emigration and economic collapse and we’ve always come out the other side. Onwards and upwards lads!

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