10 times our crimes against fashion were Britney’s fault


Today is the Queen of Pop's birthday, and we have so much to thank her for. A lot of them were crimes against fashion – but without them, we wouldn't have the fond memories of the late '90s/early '00s like we do. Thanks Brit!

Here are the biggest fashion mistakes we made that we can thank her for!

1. When she tricked us into thinking all denim everything was cool.

2. When she tried to make 'good girl pimp' a thing.

3. When we NEEDED her red latex catsuit for Christmas. Thankfully, mom vetoed that one fairly quickly. 

4. The curse of the low-rise jean that almost cost us our dignity many times in our early teens

6. Tinted. Sunglasses. 

7. All of the times she made us think we would make sexy cowgirls.

8. When we thought we needed a crimper more than we needed air.

9. When we begged and begged for Skechers because Brit wore them.

10. When she made us plan our wedding aged 13 and it looked very…velvety.