10 things we felt while watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Who knew we could feel so much more than jealousy and inadequacy while watching the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show? They were the prime feelings – we are human after all – but there was so much more than that too…

Here is the emotional rollercoaster we went on while watching the VS Fashion Show last night:

1. When we really, really wanted to go…

2. And we heard that Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Ed Sheeran AND Hozier would all be performing and we wouldn’t see it

3. When we heard that Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio were wearing bras worth $2million, and they didn't really look that impressive to be honest

4. And also realised those women have birthed four children between them

5. When we saw poor Ed Sheeran trying to keep it together during his set as the ladies strutted past him in their $2million bras

Here's the moment, in case you missed it…what a cutie. Concentrate, Ed!!

6. When Taylor took her love of short shorts to the next level – we didn’t even think it was possible!

7. When we realised Karlie Kloss is actually way taller than Taylor – this may in fact be the only way to tell them apart, so take note

8. When the Angels actually let us in on the secrets behind how they look so darn good (hint: It’s not Diet Coke and cigarettes!) Thank you, Angels

9. When we decided to shun our fourth (ok fine, fourteenth) Rose and googled the gyms in our area…sigh

10. Then said ‘ah feck it, it’s their JOB to look like that’. Your job is to eat the box of Roses. And you NEVER half-arse a job.