10 things Taylor Swift will do in Dublin


Soooo… Taylor Swift is coming to Dublin! Next June that is, but we're already getting excited! 

Here are some things we reckon Taylor might get up to in Ireland during her stay:

1. Walk around St. Stephen’s Green like it's Central Park looking totally immaculate and feed the ducks

2. Fall in love with the guy who served her a (half) pint of Guinness and then write a song about him

3. Have a meet and greet with a fan that goes a little something like this:

4. Visit George’s St. Arcade holding her handbag on her wrist

5. Randomly show up outside Ed Sheeran’s extended family’s home with baked goods

6. Buy the vintage dress you tried on last week and look perfect in it. It looked like a potato sack on you – how is this possible, is this magic?

7. Go to Penney’s and buy the most ridiculous dressing gown she can find

8. Take photos at the top of Killiney Hill – even though you can’t imagine her actually climbing it

9. Call into Bono’s for tea afterwards and bring baked goods (that she made, obvs)

10. Go to a gig in Whelans and have a bit of a boogie

Roll on June!