WTF? 10 things only girls with NO interest in makeup will understand


If you struggle to muster up ANY enthusiasm for Kylie Jenner’s lip kits and think you’re more likely to find a highlighter in a pencil case than a makeup bag, you’re not alone.

While the rest of the world pry open palettes and have conniptions over contour techniques, the less interested among us remove the rubbery gunge from our pharmacy-bought foundation and power on.

And while it might seem like no big deal, it’s actually incredibly confusing to hear friends and family members gush over items that you don’t even know how to use.

Here are just ten things any girl with zero interest and zero skills in makeup department will know to be true.

1. You need a degree from NCAD to perfect the contoured look.

"Is the brown stripe meant to go here or here? And where will I put the cream stripe?"

2. You think hysteria over Kylie Jenner's lip kits is the end of humanity as you know it.

"You're joking right now, right?… Are you crying over lipgloss?"

3. Primer is nothing but a swizz and you won't be falling for it any time soon.

"€30? Thanks, but I'll be slapping on my €3 moisturiser as usual."

4. You replace makeup as it runs out, and not because a reality show star has released a new line.

"But don't you already have 13 of her glosses?"

5. You don't think you have enough face for the amount of products you've been advised to wear.

"My face will literally enter the room five minutes before I do if I add another layer, lads."

6. You thought you had cracked it when you splashed out on an eyebrow gel.

"Ladies, it's like mascara but for your BROWS."

7. Your makeup routine takes you 15 minutes and that's when you've used every single item in your makeup bag,

"I swear to God, I tried. I looked up a tutorial and everything."

8. You're not loyal to any brand, and you generally snap up a mascara if it's on special offer.

"Plastic wand? What would I care?"

9. Bristles stick to your face because you haven't splashed out on new brushes since your Debs.

"Yeah girls, cos I'm gonna spend €40 on a bloody brush?!"

10. You secretly wish you could get excited, and sometimes wonder if you're missing the cosmetic gene.

"Oh my God, have you guys seen the new palette by… oh, forget it. I can't fool yee."