10 reasons we loved Coronation Street’s Deirdre Barlow


There are so many reasons to love the legend that is Deirdre Barlow.

Yesterday, Anne Kirkbride, who played the Corrie star for 42 years passed away after a short illness.

From the style to the many ups and downs of her love life, here are ten reasons we just loved Deirdre Barlow:

1. She had the street's best catchphrase
Let's face it, it can't be easy being Tracy Barlow's mum and Deirdre summed it up best we think…


2. She was never short of men lusting after her affections leading to the ultimate Mike vs Ken fight of 1990
Deirdre was never short of suitors and her feeling for Ken and Mike led to many the bust-up between the two


3. Oh, and that time she pulled Dev proving herself as inspiration to cougars everywhere
The nation was a bit, er, shocked when Deirdre fell into bed with Dev. But let's face it – we loved her for it! 

4. Her vast array of glasses
The ultimate Deirdre accessory, from the horn-rims of the '80s to the minimal look of the '00s – Deirdre's pulled them all off. 

5. Don't forget about the belts!
Deirdre was never seen without a belt around her waist, and it never went out of fashion. 

6. Her passion for pot pourri and its diminishing popularity…oh and her rendition of We Found Love, of course! 
Oh, and spot the belt!


7. The way the public loved her so much they started the 'Free The Weatherfield One' campaign after Deirdre is jailed for a crime she didn't commit
People were NOT impressed with the storyline!


8. Her passion for dessert
We feel you, Deirdre…


9. She doesn't take any cr** from anyone…
You go, Deirdre!


10. The epic love story that was Ken and Deirdre
Easy love is never true and true love is never easy!