10 annoying things that blonde girls are really sick of hearing


We get a lot of crap for being blonde and it’s time to take a stand! Here are the most annoying things we hear on a daily basis:

1. “Blondes have more fun.”


Our hair does not dictate how fun we are. We know plenty of boring blondes – so there!

2. “So this blonde walks into a bar…”


Blonde jokes are so 1999. Seriously. We’re not going to laugh, so please don’t bother.

3. “What a blonde moment.”


Our momentary lapse of judgement was not caused by our hair colour. Like, seriously?!

4. “Blondes are easier.”


There is never an excuse to call a woman easy. Especially when it is based on the colour of her hair.

5. “Blondes are less intelligent.”


What a load of…Many blonde women are very clever, so are many brunettes, so are many women in general so stop stereotyping for the sake of it!

6. “Natural blondes are very rare.”


There are very many natural blondes, aside from the clearly bleached heads that you can spot a mile away.  Most blondes are naturally quite light haired and we just tend to enhance it a little. Sure why shouldn’t we?

7. “Blondes are far less naturally pretty.”


Well that’s just a bit rude now, isn’t it? Almost as rude as calling us stupid, in fact.

8. “Blondes love male attention.”


More than any other woman? That doesn’t even make sense.

9. “Blondes are just good for a fling, brunettes are for the more serious relationship.”


Many men see blondes as being an object upon which they can jeer and fantasize while our brunette sisters are there for being loved and married and all of that other stuff. Again, total rubbish.

10. “Were you actually a blonde child though?”


Many children are blonde when they are children, some go darker, others stay light. Mind your business!

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