15 lies everyone in their 20’s tells their parents

Parents sometimes give us the need to lie. Nothing major, just itty, bitty white lies. Here are the most common lies our long-suffering parents are used to hearing:

1. “No, I’ve been up for ages.”


Thanks for waking me up.

2. “No I’m not hungover.”


Ughhh why did we do shots of tequila at 3am?!

3. “I only had three drinks last night.”


Feeling fragile.

4. “I must have had a bad pint.”


Oh, the pain. 

5. “I’m not texting anyone.”


We're listening to every word, honest!

6. “No, I didn’t get your friend request.”


Nope, never going to happen. 

7. “Yeah, I know her alright.”


Nope, no idea. 

8. “I just stayed in and studied all weekend.”


The weekend mainly consisted of alcohol, television, hangover food and cups of tea.

9. “No, I don’t have a special friend.”


Nobody at all, we swear, Ma!

10. “Nah, I’m not that poor.”


I’ve got twenty euro to last me for the rest of the week. Which is better than most weeks so yay!

11. “I’m a bit poor but I’ll be fine.”


We’ve got €5.50 in my back account and pay day isn’t for another three days. Can you somehow take pity and make an anonymous donation?

12. “Sorry, I meant to ring yesterday but I had study to do.”


Sorry, I meant to ring yesterday but I had four episodes of “Orange Is The New Black” to catch up on and having to listen to a phone lecture at the same time, would really have killed my buzz.

13. “Yes I’m eating properly.”


Yesterday for example, I had Special K Red Berries for dinner, that must surely count as one of my five a day?

14. “Sorry I missed your call, I was just out for a run.”



15. “Yeah, we keep the house pretty clean.”


Yeah, I mean, if you consider sticky floors, three weeks worth of rubbish and mouldy walls to be clean, then we’re spotless.

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