Zoe Saldana’s bump won’t get in the way of Avatar sequal


Zoe Saldana’s pregnancy may have sparked some concern for Avatar fans as she is meant to be filming the sequel where she reprises her role as alien warrior Neytiri, and how is she meant to do that with a baby bump?!

However, director James Cameron said that it won’t affect the filming schedule at all:

“The beauty of doing the performance capture is that she can be as big as a house and it doesn't really matter.

“She might have some physical limitations running around through the jungle, but we can get around all that stuff, because we're not photographing her, we're 'capturing' her.”

Besides, Cameron says that Zoe may well have given birth before filming starts: “The way the writing and preproduction is working out, we probably won't start until the first quarter of next year anyway.”