YouTuber, Melanie Murphy opens up about son’s birth in raw update


The Irish YouTube star gave birth to her first child last week, and posted an emotional and raw update about his birth on Instagram this morning.

“Eight days before my due date, on September 25, my husband and I welcomed our first son into this world!” Melanie lovingly wrote. 

“A massive 9lb 3oz, brown hair and midnight blue eyes,” the new mum described, before adding “I know that might change but I’m infatuated with them!”


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“After 25 hours of natural labour which had to end in forceps delivery due to concerns over my exhaustion… and over the baby’s position when they checked for his head, which then led to three bad tears, and some other issues.”

The 31-year-old then went onto explain that she had to be kept in hospital for a few nights, following her son’s birth, “with only one visitor (and set visiting times) due to Covid,” Melanie revealed, saying that had been the hardest part for her.


“But lads, I almost got him out by myself, the big lump, SO in awe of my body!” Melanie added, before opening up about the pain women endure during labour and delivery. “Not going to lie though, labour is…AN EXPERIENCE,” she prefaced.

“The most intense powerful pain (I’d consider it good pain, as it’s ‘doing something’ that has to be done and not a sign that anything is wrong!) but it’s all-consuming and definitely something to mentally prepare for.”


“Hypnobirthing and the likes of @gentlebirthofficial @thepositivebirthcompany @birth_ed etc really did help me to think of things differently and to get excited/to stay in the zone while every surge/contraction took hold of me, smashing into me in waves and making me drown anyone around me in a choir of sound bites from The Exorcist,” Melanie joked.

Speaking of the logistics though, the YouTuber noted, “I did half the labour at home so I could have my husband there to help by pressing on my back/getting me drinks/playing calming music/pouring baths and reassuring me. Then we finished things off in Drogheda hospital, in and out of a birthing pool and in and out of every position known to man with the amazing midwives!”


“The whole thing felt very primal/spiritual and we’re completely and utterly besotted with little one,” the new mum gushed, before explaining that she plans to keep her child’s identity offline as much as possible. 

Melanie concluded her lengthy birth update by confirming that she will continue to share her motherhood experience with her devoted audience, as much as she can, and she’s currently getting used to breastfeeding. “I’m a f**king MAMMY!” Melanie excitedly wrote.