‘Your style, your size’: A plus-size jewellery range has been created


Universal Standard, a clothing line which caters for women between sizes 10-28, are all about setting the standard.

Indeed, their online mission statement declares: "We had become tired of making compromises, of always settling for what "worked" instead of what we really wanted, of sacrificing freedom of choice and personal style because of an arbitrary dividing line determined by size."


We call it our wear-anywhere dress. It's the Crepe Geneva. Shop the look. Link in bio.

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"No more compromising. It's time to #SetTheStandard," they insist.

And it looks like they are no longer happy to simply set the standard when it comes to a woman's wardrobe, now have their sights set on her jewellery box.


Your style. Your size. Our limited edition jewelry collection is finally here! Made specifically for you. #nowyoucan

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Speaking to Glamour magazine, the brand's co-founder,  Alexandra Waldman, explained that mainstream jewellery has often presented issues for both herself and their plus-sizes customers.

“I know from personal experience that finding beautiful modern pieces of jewellery that fit and look native to my body type is nearly impossible,” she said.


• Why can't I find jewelry that fits without some cheap adjustable closure?#nowyoucan (launching tomorrow!)

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“Even longer necklaces don’t fall in the right spot on the front of the body -everything tends to look clipped, cheap, or semi-disposable."

“I’m a grown woman – I don’t want to wear an adjustable ring that I have to squeeze together around my finger," she reasoned.

And with clothes and jewellery under their belt, Universal Standard aren't content to sit on their laurels.

"Jewellery is just the beginning. We want women above size 10 to feel like they have options, like things are getting better all the time. That's our reason for being."

And the pieces are far from pricey, with most starting at approximately €35.00.