‘Your b*lls are hanging out’ Robbie Williams got NAKED on Instagram


After the release of Rock DJ, most of us had more than a passing idea what Robbie Williams looked like in the nip.

But considering that was 16 years ago – Yeah, we know – it seems the former Take That member decided the public needed somewhat of a refresher.

With the help of his wife Adya Field, the 42-year-old popstar decided to remind his fans and followers where his various tats are positioned on his body, and why he was considered one of the biggest heartthrobs of the nineties and noughties.

After a game of Would You Rather, Robbie revealed he would rather be invisible than have the power to eat as much cake as he desired without gaining weight, and then set about proving to his wife he had indeed become invisible…

He hadn't.

Good man yourself, Rob…