Your beauty regime: HIS thoughts on the whole process


Normally, we’re too preoccupied going through the motions of our daily beauty routine to wonder what they must look like to someone else.

You’ve seen that open-mouthed squint you do when applying your mascara for the last ten or fifteen years, so to you it’s no biggie. That awkward stance you make when applying moisturiser to those hard to reach places is standard procedure and you think nothing of it, right?

Well, spare a thought for our boyfriends who often watch us go through this rigmarole and wonder what in the HELL we’re doing.

Eyebrow maintenance

They understand tweezing.

What they don’t understand is why you spent the last ten minutes removing unwanted hair only to begin drawing it back on with that pencil and weird looking gel.

Lip care

Oh , they understand lipstick application, alright.

What they don’t understand is why you’ve perfected your pout, only to put a piece of tissue between your lips and leave all your good work on his Kleenex.

Exfoliation and fake tanning

They understand showering and exfoliating. (Well, the last one’s a bit of a grey area.)

What they don’t understand is why you emerge from the shower squeaky clean, only to begin slathering yourself in brown muck.

French manicure

They understand a jazzy red or eye-catching purple shade. (They’re modern men after all and who doesn’t like a hand with a bit of attitude?)

What they don’t understand is why you would pay money to have your nails painted in the exact colour they already are.

Foundation application

They understand the need for concealer.

What they don’t understand is why you would spend fifteen minutes brushing liquid skin onto your already flawless skin.

My God girls, do they have a point?!