You won’t believe what Kanye made his crowd CHANT at his latest gig


Oh, Kanye…

The feud between Kanye West and Taylor Swift has been ongoing for a while now, but it seems that the rapper still isn't going to let things sit down.

While performing in Nashville this week, Kanye sang the controversial song, Famous, and then made the crowd chant, "F**k Taylor Swift." OUCH.

And not only that, he sang Famous THREE times just to make his point clear.

He later said to the concert-goers, "I need to hear that loud in Nashville. I need to head that SO loud in Nashville.

"So many people told me, 'You've got to take that line out of the song," he said during the concert. 

"You got to play it safe, but this is what rap music is. This is what art is. Saying how you feel. And this song is how I feel."

Is this celeb fight ever going to end?