You can now have dinner in Walt Disney’s home, but it will cost you

Disneyland, California is unveiling a new fine-dining experience, available to a single party of 12 per night.

Called the 21 Royal, guests can book the experience for $15,000, which includes your entire meal and park admission. 

An exterior relief depicting the 21 Royal location is set into a brick wall

21 Royal is located inside the Disneyland Dream Suite, which was the one-time apartment of Walt Disney and his family… how magical?


The Dream Suite is themed around the different lands of Disneyland, and guests can explore each of the rooms, before sitting down to dinner. 

A female hostess prepares silverware for a dinner service at a mirrored silverware sideboard in a room with wooden cabinets and glass displays

The suite includes two gorgeous balconies, which is where your dessert is served, overlooking the Rivers of America. 


According to the website for 21 Royal, guests can choose the theme of the evening, and the menu will be catered around that.

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If you break it down, the experience costs $1,250 per person… but you can't really put a price on magic, can you? 

This is number one on our "lotto win" to-do list…