Yes! David Beckham has found himself a new twin


Sure we’ve had Rumer Willis and Demi Moore, even Ruby Rose and Justin Bieber. But now there are new twins taking over – David Beckham and… Kevin Hart?

The unlikely duo have teamed up for H&M’s new fashion campaign. And the result is incredible.

While the campaign has yet to be officially released, both David and Kevin having been giving fans brief glimpses into their hilarious shoot for Mr Beckham’s new range, Modern Essentials by David Beckham.

For the past few days, Victoria Beckham’s husband and the 36-year-old comedian have been posting photos of themselves #twinning and wearing matching outfits.


Work out buddies…. Curious ??? @kevinhart4real

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There have been some hilarious workout shots as well as the duo posing in front of a giant bear. The 30 Rock star even asked all the questions that we have been wondering ourselves.

“2 questions… Question #1Why are we sitting this comfortably In Front of this grizzly bear? Question #2 Why are we dressed alike? Gotta love @davidbeckham #Twins #GoodTimesWithGreatPeople.”

This is the second time the soccer star has teamed up with one of the industry’s funniest actors. Lest we ever forget the time that David and James Corden created their video for “D&J” underwear!