X Factor star reveals the truth behind her dramatic break-up

Singer Lauren Platt was voted off The X Factor during last night's semi-final results show, but her loss could be the key to salvaging her broken relationship.

The 17-year-old was dumped by boyfriend Liam Baker last week after numerous reports emerged of a romance between Lauren and Only the Young's Charlie George.

At the time, Lauren said she felt bad for shoving her boyfriend into the public eye. "Liam didn’t sign up for X Factor — but he ended up being dragged along for the ride. And to do that to a person is hard," she told The Sun.

The young singer also defended her close friendship with Charlie, saying, "It’s very rare to meet someone who is exactly like you, and it is scary how much we are the same."

However in an interview with OK! magazine today, Lauren revealed she has hopes for her and Liam to reunite, and said the main reason for the break-up was her hectic schedule on X Factor. "When you're on the X Factor, you don't have a personal life," she said. "That's how it should be. You can't go in there half-heartedly expecting to do well. You have to go in there all or nothing."

The teen admitted that her and Liam are on good terms and that the split was not as heated as the media had reported it to be. "The break-up has been so mature… Me and Liam are in very good places, we're still in touch," she said, 

"One thing we do have on our hands is time. So to wait until my life has changed, however it's going to change, is nothing compared to what could be. Maybe we'll give it a rethink after that. We're kind of leaving it as whatever happens, happens."

Hmmm… we wonder if Liam is quite so chilled out about the whole thing!