Will this news put you off your lamb kebab this weekend?

Ok – we have just about gotten over the whole horse meat scandal. But now, research carried out by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland and the Health Service Executive has found that seven out of 20 lamb kebabs ordered from takeaways in Dublin contain little or no lamb.

Six of them contain over 60% chicken and 30% beef, and only three of the seven had any trace of lamb at all (between one and five per cent).

There’s no horse in your kebab though, nor was there any goat, pig or turkey.

Prof Alan Reilly, Chief Executive of the FSAI is not impressed:

“When you order a lamb kebab you expect to get a lamb kebab and not a beef and chicken kebab.  Incorrectly listing meat products on a menu or menu board, whether inadvertently or by design, is an unacceptable infringement of the labelling legislation.”

Will this stop you from tucking into a kebab this weekend? Yeah, us neither. We love chicken!