Why you should laugh off embarrassing sex moments!


If you've managed to enjoy a cringe-free sex life, then spare a moment for the rest of us mere mortals who often have to suffer through embarrassing noises, awkward mishaps and unpleasant sensations in a bid to reach The Big O.

If any of the above cringers sound familiar, congratulations! You have a normal sex life.

Let's face it, it's not like the movies and it's never going to be, so that's why laughing off all those sexy time bloopers is VITAL if you want to actually enjoy the no-pants-dance with your other half.

We don't need to go into specifics here. We all know what we're talking about when we say sex can be rife with noises more akin to a whoopie cushion convention than a romantic boudoir, but what can you do? These noises are unavoidable and if neither you nor your partner can handle hearing them, then best just abstain from sex from now on! Nah, we didn't think so.

Laugh it off (really loudly, incase there's any more on the way), make a joke and remind yourself that those sounds pale in comparison to the more joyful noises you're both making!

Every single time you're about to get down to it, your boyfriend acts like he's never encountered a bra clasp. He wrestles with it, scratching your back in the process while you sigh and slowly feel the mood go off you.

Yes, it's frustrating, but either laugh and help the poor guy out or focus your attention elsewhere while he gets to grip with the rubik's cube he's certain is attached to your bra clasp. Getting irritated will only put an end to proceedings and is it really worth missing out?

Female issues
We've all been there. Your period makes a surprise appearance and all of a sudden the passion is dulled by bodily functions, gasps of horror and flashbacks of that infamous PE class in second year. White shorts, thanks coach.

No matter how close you and your partner are, you can still feel embarrassed and juvenile when something like that happens, but look, it all comes as part of the package and if you don't make a big deal of it, then chances are neither will he. If your boyfriend can't handle womanly issues, then maybe he's in the wrong type of relationship!

At the end of the day girls, you're naked, sweaty and gasping to begin with, so really, what else can happen that's more embarrassing or can't be laughed off?

Use the most awkward of moments as a bonding tool or a future in-joke, you'd be surprised how much more relaxing and enjoyable sex can be when you stop sweating the small stuff.