Why we should learn to love our imperfections


Do you stare in the mirror imagining your face with straighter teeth, a different nose, clearer skin? Well, stop. It’s time we learned to love our imperfections, and here’s why:

They make us human
Nobody is perfect. Trust us. We bet even Cheryl Cole is hiding something – possibly under that massive rose tattoo. Imperfections are what make us human – would you really want to be walking around like a Barbie doll? Quite frankly, that’s just creepy.

They make us unique
So what if you’re the only one in your group of friends with a five finger forehead? Do you really want to be a carbon copy of your friends? Learn to work your imperfections – they’re what make you, you!

They connect us to our family!
Do people know you’re an O’Brien because of the bump in your nose? Would you really want to get rid of that distinctive feature? Plus, it’s nice to resemble your family – it makes us feel more part of a group!

Because striving for perfection is a waste
Perfection is impossible, so even if you straighten your teeth, dye your hair and lose that excess weight, you’ll probably still find things you want to change. You’re better off investing in your confidence instead – it’ll last longer, and be more beneficial!

Because what you think is an imperfection, could be someone else’s favourite thing about you.
Hate your legs? Or your hair? Well, that could be the very thing that someone else loves you for. So give yourself a break ok? It’s time to love yourself, warts and all!