Why the cinema beats the pub (almost) every single time


Sometimes the cinema is seen as the back-up plan when you want to go out, but you don’t want to go out-out.

Oh girls, don’t get us started on ‘out vs. out-out’ dilemma; it’s the eternal conundrum, right?

But here are just five reasons why a night at the flicks is almost always preferable to a night on the beer!

1. You don’t need to suck in your tum, hoike up your boobs and totter out in heels when you decide to kick back and chill out with Paddington.

Stretchy pants and no bra is practically mandatory cinema clobber.

2. You don’t have to perch awkwardly on a wooden stool and have half a pint spilled down your back while trying to look elegant.

Any drink spillages at the flicks will be your own doing as you try to balance your giant bucket of Pepsi on your burgeoning food baby.

3.  You don’t have to make awkward small talk with people you bump into at the bar.

The only sounds coming from you will be contented signs and random muffled belches

4. You don’t need to do your hair or make-up.

All you need to do is show up.

5. You don’t have to power through eight vodkas to get to the holy grail of grease at the end of the night.

A night at the cinema STARTS with grease, baby!

Yeah, we're sold too.

Ten pm showing, please.