Why has Lily Allen been banned from talking about GOT?


We’re beginning to wonder if there’s any tension between siblings, Lily and Alfie Allen? As the singer revealed in an interview today, that she’s been banned from talking about her brother’s show; Game of Thrones.

The singer said last May that she was offered a role on Game of Thrones, but it turned it down because the part required her to be felt up by her brother.

But Alfie quickly responded to his sister’s comments and revealed that Lily was never offered a part in the series.

So it was only natural that Lily would eventually be questioned on her strange comments, but it seems the singer wanted to remain tight-lipped on all things Game of Thrones.

“You know what, I am not going to talk about it. I am not even allowed to mention the letters of what the show starts with. Alfie put me under strict orders.”

Hmmm, we wonder what Alfie really said to Lily about the show?