Why did Cheryl snub the big opening of Simon’s musical?


One VIP was missing from the star-studded premier for Simon’s Cowell’s new X Factor musical.

While X Factor veteran Louis Walsh and guest judge Sinitta both turned out to give Simon their full support, Cheryl Cole was a no-show.

Cheryl is said to have snubbed the I Can’t Sing! premier at the London Palladium because she was offended at an unflattering parody of herself in some of the musical’s scenes.

In the show, a Geordie judge called Jordy tries to seduce a male contestant and repeatedly uses the word ‘pet’.

And, in a brazen nod to the Say My Name singer’s ill-fated marriage to Ashley Cole, Jordy also kisses a model of a footballer in one scene. Oh Simon!

Even Simon had to admit that the parody was a bit below the belt.

“She (Cheryl) will probably be offended which is why she’s not here,” the 54-year-old said. “I am surprised she’s not because it is not nasty. It takes the p***.”