Who has told Simon Cowell to have no regrets over his affair?


Former glamour model Katie Price has revealed that she doesn’t think Simon Cowell should regret having had an affair with his current partner Lauren Silverman.

The-mum-of-four spoke out about cheating, saying “these things can and do happen”.

“People have affairs for all sorts of reasons- because they’re bored, crave taking a risk or want to inject some spice in their life. Some can be short lived, some are secrets taken to the grave and others become the beginnings of a new relationship,” she said.  “These things can and do happen- and they’ll continue to happen.”

Katie then spoke about Simon Cowell’s recent admission to feeling remorseful over his affair with partner Lauren, who was the wife of one of his best friends at the time.

“Many believe life should be lived by the rules set by society but sometimes it just doesn’t happen- people change over time; relationships don’t always continue as they first began. So don’t have regrets, Simon. Live your own life with your family and don’t worry about what other’s think,” said Katie.

“From their own relationship, Simon and Lauren have brought a baby, Eric, into the world,” she added.