Who did Kylie used to cry herself to sleep over?


The Voice judge has revealed that it took her a long time to get over her relationship with Spanish model, Andres Velencosco.

Kylie and Andres broke-up last October after a five year relationship and says she is still coming to turns with her heartbreak.

“It’s not that long ago. I’m past the crying every night stage…”

Kylie’s spilt from her boyfriend was not long after the 45-year-old singer decided to change her management team and sign up for the UK version of the talent show, The Voice.

“I had a true epiphany. I have only had this one and I remember it as if it were slow motion. I guess there were thoughts and moments building up to this but I had a vision and the vision was a horizon with nothing on it.”

Kylie also went onto talk that the break-up was not easy and there was a lot to process legally.

“….but you know there’s still heartbreak and emotional sadness and all of the things that come with bad break-ups, even if you’re not married. It does hurt, but I guess you have resilience because it’s not the first time you’ve been down that road.”

But The Voice judge revealed that she is still on good terms with Andres but her new album is keeping her distracted from the heartache.

“He’s a great guy and that’s important… I’m enjoying that I’m so distracted. I’m not sitting at home pining.”