Which two famous friends restored Ed’s faith in Hollywood?


Ed Sheeran has always been refreshingly honest about his experience in Hollywood. When he was still struggling to make a name for himself, he remembers being ignored by people who had no interest in the twenty-three-old musician. “Everyone in LA introduces themselves with their first name, last name, what they do, how many awards they've won, how much they earn, but only if they know who you are.” Sounds fairly grim to us.


But fear not, Ed has discovered that not everyone in Hollywood is like this. Step forward BFF's Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston. You ladies have restored Ed's faith in humanity. The Lego House singer remembers his first time in Courteney's home and says: “I brought my cousin Murray who isn't a superstar, but everyone spoke to him and thought he was cool. Jennifer's just as friendly. I'd only ever experienced the darker side of Hollywood and they give you faith in everything.” Seriously, how sweet is that?

Seems like Ed and Courteney's friendship works both ways though! Ed introduced the Cougar Town star to her current fiancé Snow Patrol star Johnny McDaid. See, this is exactly how friendships are meant to work!