Which actor has spoken out about Justin Bieber’s fans?


Actor, Rob Lowe has shared his thoughts on Beliebers and said that Justin’s fans don’t really care about his music.

Lowe was appearing on Oprah’s programme, Prime on Sunday where the actor commented on Bieber’s music and why the fans seem to love the singer so much.

“He makes really good music, he does, but I think he knows the dark secret, and the dark secret is 80 percent of his audience doesn’t give a s–t about the music. And he knows it. It bums him out.”

The 50-year-old actor went onto say that Beliebers are more obsessed with who Justin is dating and what scandal always seems to surround him.

“They care about lemming-think, and their girlfriends and who’s oohing and aahing and screaming. It has nothing to do with what he’s doing as an artist. He is the guy who is standing in front at a moment that they’re going through a developmental thing. It’s natural, it’s all great, but if it wasn’t him, it would be somebody else, like it was me.”

Rob may have a point but he may want take cover for a while, as Justin Bieber’s fans are known not to take any criticism too well.