What your bedroom says about you…

A bedroom is a very personal place, especially if you are living with lots of other people – there’s always someone in the front room.

Do you have a comfy headboard, a spotlessly clean room or a perfectly coordinated space? Here’s what your room says about you:

Lots of florals
If your room is covered in pretty floral drapes, bedspreads and pastel cushions you are definitely a romantic at heart.

You still have your old bedroom lamp
You love vintage and old-school items and are not fussed about having on-trend items. You are also probably sentimental and love having a touch of the past near you.

Crisp clean sheets
Well we all love crisp, clean sheets – some of us are just more lack about changing them. However, if you are one of the few who does, it could mean that you love nothing more than a little luxury in your life.

Bright colours
While some people are adverse to having bright colours in their bedroom, others simply can’t get enough. If you’re room is a rainbow of colour you are adventurous and looking for fun.

You are a minimalist and you like to keep things simple.  We wish we were like this….