‘What the f*ck?’ Insta is disgusted by Ricci Guarnaccio’s recent post


It's not like he had the best reputation during his Geordie Shore days, but if Ricci Guarnaccioi had any intention of increasing his fan base since leaving the show, he's definitely going the wrong way about it.

In a move that had Instagram users delicately gagging into their sleeves yesterday, the former reality show star decided to upload a shot of himself grinning down the parted legs of a female acquaintance.

Taken from her position on the couch, the shot implies she's naked from the waist down… and Ricci's only bloody thrilled about it.


It's red panty night!

A photo posted by Ricci Guarnaccio (@ricciguarnaccio) on

"It's red panty night!" the 29-year-old excitedly wrote alongside the controversial snap.

And unfortunately for Vicky Pattison's former ex, not everyone was as impressed by the sordid post, with many followers suggesting he rein himself in next time.

"Full on minging," wrote one while another added: "Some things should stay private!"

Unsurprisingly, however, a number of Ricci's online bro contingent wasted no time offering a virtual high five, with one writing: "Love the look you're giving her there Ricci…"

Stay classy guys, y'hear?