What runs through his mind when he first kisses you?


Believe it or not, we aren’t the only ones who have a million thoughts running through our minds when we first kiss a man. As much as they don’t like to show it, men have feelings too.

Here’s what runs through his mind when you two first lock lips:

  • Which angle should I take?
  • Does she even want to kiss me?
  • I probably should have taken a mint beforehand.
  • I’ll just dive right into it.
  • I hope she’s enjoying it.
  • Should I go for tongue?
  • What if I have a partial boner?
  • I want to move my hands, but is it could be too soon.
  • It can’t be too soon, she’s having fun.
  • Wait, is she even having fun?
  • I enjoyed that, I hope we can do it again soon- and more.