What not to do at your friend’s wedding!


While we’re all for having the craic, there are some things that you should never do at anyone’s wedding, especially your friend’s.

Don’t wear white
It should go without saying but unfortunately, some people need reminding. So, wearing that unusual, sparkly white dress to your friend’s special day will definitely not go down well.

Don’t get too drunk!
While we all probably drink a little too much at weddings, it’s probably a good idea to limit it on the free champagne. Open bar or not, if you do something stupid as a result of too many drinks, you will only be embarrassed later and your friend probably won’t appreciate it either.

Make fun of the ceremony
Your friend spent months planning her special day and will definitely be hurt if you start to make fun of any of the ceremony’s aspects. So any negative opinions that you do have a are probably best kept to yourself.

Inappropriate dancing
While you can blame too many drinks for this one, you still need to remember there will be plenty of cameras and sober people won’t let you ever forget your wedding antics. So it’s best to keep the awkward, drunk dancing to a minimum.